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Oud Amor

Rose, Amber, Musk

Rose, Amber, Musk

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Top Notes:

  • Rose: The fragrance will open with the fresh, floral, and slightly spicy aroma of rose. This will create an immediate sense of elegance and allure, making the initial impression vibrant and captivating.

Middle Notes:

  • Amber: As the rose top notes start to soften, the warm, resinous, and slightly sweet scent of amber will emerge. This will add a rich and cozy dimension to the fragrance, providing a sensual and inviting heart.

Base Notes:

  • Musk: The fragrance will dry down to reveal the soft, powdery, and slightly animalic scent of musk. This will create a smooth, lingering foundation that enhances the overall depth and complexity of the fragrance.

Overall, this combination will result in a harmonious blend that evolves gracefully over time. The fresh and elegant opening of rose transitions into the warm and rich heart of amber, and finally settles into a smooth, musky base that leaves a lasting impression.3

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