Chosen by nature.

Eclectic, sensual and unforgettable. Oud Amor is the ultimate high-end oud oil for people who appreciate the finer things in life. Unique, beautiful and complex, this is the kind of oil a person can't buy enough of.

Experience the richest, most luxurious and rarest oils in the world with Oud Amor. Made from 100% pure oud and other rare ingredients, our essential oils are nothing like you've experienced before. Every drop is harvested from jungles around the world and made with care to be perfect for your upcoming aromatherapy session.

  • You deserve the best

    Every single drop of our oil is made using only the rarest, most sumptuous luxury ingredients available. It is filtered to have a multilayered, organically unique scent that can never be replicated.

  • Luxury for the New Age

    Many of us want to eat organic food and wear organic clothes. They reflect what we value, so it's important that the fragrances we use at home are also Organic. Oud Amor is a 100% organic perfume line that offers an exotic and luxurious fragrance experience, with scents made to order for every customer

  • The industry's top ouds - right here!

    We have been the leader in artisanal oud and perfumery, traveling everywhere to distill ouds and source perfumery ingredients firsthand.